- American Miniature Horse Association AMHA -

Please move your cursor over the parts of the body of our stallion LM Hawks Stand Out Loud on the picture below for information about the requirements of the AMHA Standard of Perfection for these various parts of the body:

General Impression: A small, sound, well-balanced horse, possessing the correct conformation characteristics required of most breeds, Refinement and femininity in the mare. Boldness and masculinity in the stallion - The general impression should be one of symmetry, strength, agility and alertness. Since the breed objective is the smallest possible perfect horse, preference in judging shall be given the smaller horse, other characteristics being approximately equal.
Size: Must measure not more than 34 inches at the withers, at the last hairs of the mane.
Color: Any color or marking pattern, and any eye color, is equally acceptable. The hair should be lustrous and silky.

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