Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King
For Reference only, owned by Bob and Sandy Erwin

The King, who started a dynasty: Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King was 1983 National Champion Senior Stallion 30"-32", 1983 Reserve National Champion Senior Stallion and 1986 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion.

King is one of, if not the most well-known, best-promoted, and most outstanding sires in the history of miniature horses. King has sired close to 240 foals with 37 of them garnering the title of National Champion or Reserve National Champion. And his grand-get and great-grand-get continue the tradition so nobly started by the King. The 1999 National Show showed the strength of the line with over 150 Top Ten finishers being descendants of King.

In 1980 Bob Erwin bought his wife Sandy a Christmas present; now that's not unusual, but the present was. Sandy's present was an 8 month old miniature horse named Egyptian King. Initially Egyptian King lived in the Erwin's backyard in Dallas where Bob operates a successful insurance business. Bob and Sandy became more interested in miniature horses, and they decided to make their miniature horse hobby into a business with the same goals as other large successful big horse breeds, simply to produce superior quality horses.

Now, through acquiring the best breeding foundation stock available, an organized professional breeding program designed to improve the breed, a facility to enable professional breeding, training and showing, and most importantly securing the best available personnel, the Erwins are beginning to realize their goals.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. When the smoke had cleared at the 1986 National Championships, NFC had won 6 out of 8 of them, and most interesting, Sandy's little 8-month-old stallion Christmas Gift, now an 11 year old, was the National Grand Champion Stallion.

When NFC dispersed in 1993, King of course stayed with the Erwins, but was leased to Grosshill Farms until the year 2000, at which time he returned home to Sandy. He is still siring one or the other foal each year and certainly earned his place in the miniature horse history.

The following of our horses can be traced back to Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King:

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